We are recruiting a Communication Agency Director (M/F).

We are recruiting a Agency Manager of communication (M/F).

Permanent position based in Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso.

Remuneration according to profile.

1- Missions of the position
Reporting to the Chairman and CEO of BITEL GROUP, the Branch Manager's main missions are

  1. Design the global policy of the company in terms of commercial and marketing development, but also financial and structural.
  2. Achieve your business goals and strategic vision
  3. Ensure the proper functioning of the agency's processes
  4. Manage the agency's human, material and financial resources
  5. Represent the agency externally

2-Attributions of the position

  1. To define the strategic axes of the agency and the management of the actions to be carried out
  2. Develop the annual budget and submit it to the vote of the CEO of BITEL GROUP
  3. Recruit employees and lead teams,
  4. Set operational objectives for each employee
  5. Develop and implement an evaluation system and an employee motivation system
  6. Set up a dashboard of operational and strategic performance and take corrective action on non-performing indicators
  7. Designing and validating offers to customers
  8. Manage the agency's relationship with its clients, suppliers and partners
  9. Measure and assess the level of customer satisfaction and take corrective action if necessary
  10. Train and assist employees as needed
  11. Identify and ensure compliance with the agency's legal and regulatory obligations to the State and its agencies: taxes, employer contributions, etc.
  12. Supervise purchasing and logistics,
  13. Ensure the maintenance of the premises, hygiene, health and safety in the workplace.
  14. Ensure weekly, monthly and comprehensive reporting of the agency's activities to the CEO
  15. Develop and implement the agency's commercial and institutional communication actions in order to promote its brand image and reputation
  16. Carry out any other activity required by his/her superiors in the interest of the agency

3- Specific skills required

  • Excellent knowledge of the various business management issues, and enough distance to address them.
  • Excellent command of the art of communication and marketing.
  • Mastery of communication techniques on different media, both "off-line" and "online".
  • As a leader, also have excellent managerial skills to lead, recruit and federate teams.
  • A charismatic visionary with good interpersonal skills and artistic sensitivity, fueled by a good general culture and a great curiosity.
    -Sense of organization and teamwork.

4- Profile sought

-Hold a Bac+4/5 in communication, marketing, business law, finance, audit or business management;
-At least 3 years experience in a similar position, preferably in a reputable communications agency.

5Composition of the application file

Up-to-date detailed curriculum vitae.

6- Place and date of submission

Candidates interested in this offer are requested to send their file electronically to the following address info@bitelgroup.org

Are you interested in this position? Please contact us by sending us an email with your CV and a few lines explaining your professional project to the following address info@bitelgroup.org

We will reply to you at that time, by email or by phone, respecting the rules of confidentiality. See you soon.

🛑 Deadline: 30/10/2022